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    Is this the right set up for me?


      So I have a Direct TV HD/DVR downstairs and my modem is upstairs.


      I want the slingbox pro hd and I would like to watch my tv content and my dvr content from my iphone, wife's android phone, and my iPad.


      Am I right in assuming this set up?


      Slingbox Pro HD next to HD/DVR


      SlingLink Turbo hooked into my router (which is hooked into the cable modem) and plugged in


      a 2nd SlingLink Turbo Hooked into the surge protector behind the TV/SlingBox Pro HD/Direct TV HD/DVR and plugged into the HD/DVR?




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          Hi, vanillacoke


          You only need to remove the surge protector, since we do not recommend to use them. Then, the second SlingLink must be connected on the Slingbox ethernet port. This way, both SlingLinks will communicate to each other.


          Finally, keep in mind that the Slingbox will allow only one connection at the time. This means that you will need to purchase the Mobile application for every Mobile device you own.  The following link will provide you with all the information in order to know how the SlingLinks work.


          How it Works