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    I can watch my slingbox from anywhere except at work. Get error 0x92340011


      I can watch my slingbox on my home LAN. I can watch it from someone else's house. I can watch it on my Android. But at work whether using the web version or the client version it starts to connect says optimizing then generates the error "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again. I click on "Tell me more" and this window pops up that says.

      Error 0x92340011

      Context: 46

      Operation: 1


      Looks like there's a problem:

      The operation failed because it was taking too long to finish.

      [Advanced users: the error code is 0X92340011.]


      Here are some possible reasons why this happened. This information may help  you troubleshoot the problem.

      Slingplayer is unable to render the video stream.



      I work at a gaming where everyone playes our game on the internet with lots of bandwidth.

      I checked with networking and they said they don't block any streaming content or websites. I've seen people streaming video from different websites at there desks everywhere.

      I know my slingbox works over the internet it works fine on my phone and at someone else's house.


      What else can I try?