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    Sling Player can't connect to Slingbox Pro


      My Slingbox originally worked perfectly.  After one of the slingplayer patches last year I started having issues.  The first time I tried to connet I would get a connection error.  The second time, it would connect everytime.  Now, when I try to connect I get a message that another user is connected to my sligbox.  However, when I choose to force that "user" to logout using the admin password, it gives the IP address of the connected user.  As it turns out, the computer I'm on is the "user" who is connected.  Choosing to boot the fantom "user" off doesn't work and I get the same error over and over again.  Ocasionally after about 20 tries or so, it will finally connect and work perfectly until I log out and then I have to go through it all again.  Can anyone help please.