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    Can't change channel on a Slingbox solo and a Videotron CableBox

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      We have a Slingbox Solo.  We usually use it with a Slingcatcher.  Since about a week ago, the SOLO could not be used with the Slingcatcher.  We ge a network error code.  We tried it with 3 different Slingcatcher on different network.  Same issue.  We can access it from the Legacy MAC and PC app and the Slingplayer for the web app but we can change channel.


      It's like the Videotron remote codes were on error.


      I have a friend with a Slingbox 350 with a Google TV app and he have the same remote problem.  Same problem with the M1 and the iPad app.


      Could the Videotron remote code be in trouble?


      All started at the same time about a week ago.