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    Cannot Find Available channels




      Iam having exactly the same issues here.

      Iam living in the Netherlands, input Coaxial - CableTV (UPC) slingbox Pro HD

      Iam missing about 6 channels (cannot finetune or type freq manualy, in windows app there is a finetune but doesnt work)

      (My slingbox Pro didnt have these issues, all programs are there)


      When I want to add Favorites in my Iphone or Ipad I will get the same error...


      Cannot find available channels


      During the configuration of my Slingbox Pro HD on a Mac there was an error about that the program guide is not available in my country?


      I tried Safari and Firefox to configur, even from Windows it tells me there is no "guide" available



      Feels so disappointing having bought a Slingbox Pro HD just for my iPads while the Slingbox Pro works like a baby on my Iphone