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    Slingbox Solo - Very bad picture streaming SD over internet




      I have yesterday connected my Slingbox Solo with a normal SD receiver to the internet and it`s working but the picture is very very bad when I looking TV other the internet.


      The upload speed at the interenet is 642 kbit/s where the Slingbox Solo is connected to. The internet download speed at the place I testet to watch TV with Slingbox Solo is 14500 kbit/s.


      Before I bought the Slingbox Solo I read that I need 128 kbit/s upload speed at minimum to stream SD and when I have 512 kbit/s upload speed it would be enough to have a good picture.


      As written I have upload speed at 642 kbit/s at the place where the Slingbox Solo is connected to the internet but the picture is really bad watching TV over the internet.


      At this link http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000134 I now see that I need at minimum 600 kbit/s for SD streaming??? Is this correct?


      What upload speed I need to get a "normal" good picture watching the SD-TV over the internet? Would be 1024 kbit/s enough?