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    Does Slingplayer app work with Roku Streaming Stick?

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      I bought a Roku streaming stick (3600X) last week. It does not work with the Slingplayer apps for iPad and iPhone. Neither app "sees" the stick, either automatically or after manual entry of IP Address. Slingplayer tech support said the app requires an 11 digit IP address (mine was 10 digits) and that I should ask Roku for help changing the IP address. Roku tech support first said that the Slingplayer app is not supported on the Roku 3600X and then also that I can't adjust the IP address on the device itself, only through the internet service provider.  Can someone confirm if the Slingplayer app is supported on the Roku streaming stick? How do I get it to work? If the Streaming Stick does not work, which Roku devices work?  Thanks in advance.