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    New M2 Slingbox

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      My M1 died so I got a new M2.


      The connection is as follows :


      Router == cable ==> Ethernet port Netgear Adapter (WiFi) .................... Other Netgear Adapter (WiFi) ethernet port == cable ==> M2 Slingbox


      The two Netgear Adapters (two rooms away from each other) show perfect WiFi connection. Therefore, the connection by cable from the 2nd. Adapter's to the M2 Slingbox should be working and the M2 should be connected to the Internet.


      The M2 Slingbox WiFi light stays RED (not blinking) and the bottom left light of the Slingbox "N" (or inverted U) blinks red non-stop.


      SlingPlayer states that it can't find my Slingbox.


      Question 1 : how do I know (from the lights on the front) when the Slingbox is getting WiFi (i.e. is connected to the Internet ?)


      Question 2 : Given the setup, does anyone know why Slingplayer can't find the M2 box ?