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    Stopped Working on One Computer, Works Fine on the Rest...Pls Help!


      I have a Slingbox AV that I watch using the Slingbox.com website's "Watch" feature.  I have access to three computers and one netbook at home, some using a wired network, some using wireless.  I also have access to one at work which is wired.


      The computer I use most often to watch my Slingbox is a Toshiba laptop from about 2005 or 2006, Model No. M105-S3041.   It has an Intel Centrino T1350 processor at 1.86 ghz, and 2 gb of RAM.  It is running Windows XP Home with SP 3.  I have never had a problem watching my Slingbox on this computer until the most recent SlingPlayer Plug In update.


      Now when I try to watch using this particular laptop, it says it cannot connect and offers to retry, but it never works.  I tried using Setup, and my Slingbox IS found on the network, and says it is available.  However, when I then try to go into it, it won't go.  I have tried turning off my firewall which did not help, but I don't believe that should be the problem anyway as I have the same firewall on all of the other computers and have always had it on this particular computer even when Slingbox was working on it.


      Slingbox plays fine on every other computer, laptop, and netbook that I have access too.  I haven't made any changes whatsoever to the laptop on which Slingbox has suddenly stopped working.  I only use this computer in the kitchen, to look up recipes and to watch my Slingbox.


      The only thing I can think of that may be causing the problem is I'm wondering if the latest SlingPlayer Plug In system requirements are beyond the specifications of my computer.  I've got plenty of RAM though, and for an older laptop it generally runs pretty well.  Is my processor no longer enough, even though up until this very most recent update it ran fine?


      Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!!

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          Giving this a bump.


          Also wanted to mention that the laptop on which the SlingPlayer Plug In isn't working is fully updated as far as Windows updates, Flash, etc.


          Any suggestions as to the cause or a solution?  I really need to figure out if I should try reformatting and starting over from a clean install with this thing, or if this laptop no longer meets the specs to run the Sling Player Plug In even though it used to work fine.


          If it wasn't working on the other computers and only worked on this laptop, that would be fine with me.  Unfortunately this laptop is the one place where I really need it to work again and for the life of me I can't figure it out.


          Thanks much!

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            Another bump, but also another strange thing I've figured out that may be helpful in finding the answer.


            I connected to my neighbor's wireless with the laptop I'm having the problem with, and I WAS able to watch my Slingbox via their wireless network perfectly.


            I disconnected and connected to my own wireless network, and it still won't work.  This in spite of the fact that the Slingbox website DOES find my Slingbox on the network, and I can bring up my Slingbox info (name, ID, software version, IP addresses, port) via the Slingbox website by clicking on "Support".  I also connected this laptop to our wired network, and it's the same thing.  It says it's there, but it won't play the video stream.  We also pinged it on our network from the laptop, and that was fine.


            And again, every other computer in the house, wireless or wired, the SlingPlayer works absolutely fine.


            My husband is a computer technician, and he checked all the settings on our network and couldn't find any reason why it wouldn't be working, especially since it works on our other computers.


            Can anyone help?


            Thanks much!

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              I have the same issue. I have two XP laptops which will not connect to the Slingbox via my wireless network. I can connect to the internet and my network fine on both of these laptops. If I hard wire the laptops to the network I can connect and play the Sling Player fine. If I go wireless, I see the slingbox directory but I can't connect. I can connect wirelessly with my EVO 4G with the Android Sling Player via my wireless network without any issues.Can someone please resolve this issue for all of us having this same problem?

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                Hi Beckbjj, donlopez & ACC1338807,


                If you are able to connect to the Slingbox using a different computer at the same network, it means that there is something install on the computer that is blocking the SlingPlayer to work, take a look at this,


                Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox, SlingPlayer or Setup Assistant



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                    I have two computers that will not connect to my Slingbox away from home but my mother's desktop, nephew's laptop and my Android tablet will connect to my Slingbox away from home without issue.  Strange thing is the two computers that will not connect now away from home would during the first month the Slingbox was set-up without issue.  I had trouble getting full remote access to complete the installation but after working with tech services i was able to get full internet set-up including tablets completed but as soon as that installation completed the two computers that will not connect now did then.  I have disabled all firewall settings.  Enabled IE add-ons, etc.  I have done everything I can think to do.


                    I find it strange that the same two computers that connected without issue prior to full installation of the remote viewing was completed are the only two computers that away from home will not connect now.  Tech support will say it's my computer that is the problem since other devices will work but i believe for whatever reason the two computers that worked before are being blocked by the Slingbox or somehow my computers are trying to connect to the Slingbox at a different IP address or something.


                    I have done some research and see that I am not the first to have this problem so if anyone knows of a solution please post a fix.  Thank you!



                    To Recap:  All computers work on the local network.  Only two computers do not work away from home but all others do.  Same two computers were the only computers originally connected to the Slingbox prior to full installation of remote viewing.

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                          I found out why my ASUS laptop stopped working but all my other computers except my father's and mine didn't.  The reason was fairly simple after many hours of being completed frustrated and giving-up.  I was trying to play a Youtube video and i noticed my speakers were not config. correctly, so no sound was available.  After I corrected the sound issue totally unrelated to my Slingbox i tried to connect again and it worked.  I was stunned!  This was the same for my father's ACER laptop that wouldn't connect.  FYI - When I am at home my laptop is connected to external USB speakers.  Sometimes the audio connection gets out of sorts when connecting and disconnecting from the speakers.  Also I hook-up an external monitor to my laptop when I am at home that has built in speakers that work via the HDMI connection.


                          I found out if my audio is unable to play when I try to connect to my slingbox it will not connect.  As long as my audio is okay, meaning I can play sound from youtube, espn, etc. I haven't had any issues.   I know this was the reason for me as twice I had to have Windows 7 reset my audio player via the fix function and as soon as i did that I had no issues connecting to my Slingbox.


                          Hope this is the same reason for you.   Let me know if this works!  Good luck as I know it can be very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!