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    PACE DCR3101-78 Request for Custom Remote IR List


      I originally purchased my SlingBox Solo for use in the United States.  I live - part time - in Brazil and originally wanted to just "sling" the US television programs down to my computer in Brazil.  I have since replaced the SlingBox in the US with a "Pro" and brought the "Solo" down to Brazil for use.  I - now - want to sling television content from my Brazil cable provider (NET in Sao Paulo) to a computer in my office and to another computer co-located with the SlingBox in my apartment.  The cable box is manufactured by PACE and the model is: DCR3101-78 (non HD).


      During installation... I tried all of the PACE models listed in the IR code list.  I also looked for anything to do with my cable provider... not shown.


      I checked out the 2 Custom Remote links: placeshiftingenthusiasts.com and hifi-remote.com  placeshiftingenthusiasts.com did not have codes for my PACE model.  On hifi-remote.com... I was able to fine 4 codes (C1068, C1060, C1577 and C1368) associated with a PACE DCR3101.  I tried all 4 and none of them worked.


      I also tried to build a Custom Remote using the software at remotes.slingbox.com, but a dialogue comes up saying the software will not work with my device (SlingBox Solo).


      Could someone please assist in providing me with the Custom Remote IR code for my device or recommend a matching device?


      Thank you - in advance - for your assistance... William Stewart