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    My slingbox internet viewing no longer works - network settings are baffling


      Hey everyone,  I'm a bit frustrated as I can't fix my internet viewing.  It stopped working sometime over the past couple of months and I just can't seem to figure out what's causing it.  At first I thought I'd just need to forward port 5001 as that's the only thing I didn't initially do because it worked for almost a year without it.  That didn't work so I tried to manually configure the network settings...that's where things got a little strange.  When the settings page displayed what the slingbox was using it gave me -


      IP -

      Subnet -

      Default Gateway -

      port - 5001.


      The wierd thing about those addresses is that the ip given for the slingbox is the actual default gateway and the Default Gateway listed is my router's (DGL-4500) ip.  So assuming the setup process just assigned the wrong addresses, I changed the ip to the static one I assigned it and changed the default gateway to the correct address.  No luck even with adding the port forwarding of 5001 to the ip of the slingbox.  I've tried this after resetting the slingbox to the defaults, I've tried it with just changing the ip to the static one but keeping the other settings the same.  I've changed which port the slingbox uses and still no luck.  I'm no network expert but this stuff usually isn't rocket science, am I missing something?