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    HDMI Pass through using neet spliter and hdfury3 - UK


      Hi All,


      I checked all the Amazon and slingbox forums but after searching and contacting Neet Media & HKMedia for support I'm a little stuck, so would really apreciate your help here before I call the official support number @ Slingbox. PS I'm in the UK.


      I have a HD TV with HDMI and Sky HD box and am looking to continue to use the HDMI connection on my TV when I buy the Slingbox Pro HD box.

      I'm thinking of using the Neet or a suitable confirmed working HDMI splitter (must work on both HDMI outs at the same time, with the HDfury3 HDMI to component cable to connect the Sling box pro HD and TV.


      I've seen Amazon showing that buyers have bought all 3 items together but no confirmation that it works.


      The theory is to use the hdmi out form the SKY HD and connect it to the Neet HDMI splitter, which I believe will send the HDMI signal to both HDMI out ports.


      Use the first HDMI port to connect to the TV's HDMI port.

      Use the second HDMI port to connect to the HDFury3 HDMI to component converter, then use the component connection to go into the Slingbox Pro HD component in.



      Prospective Slingbox user.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Again, this will work as I outined in my post in the other thread you were looking for solutions with.

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            Yes this works I've Got this setup at home, just did it!!


            I also have the HD cable Ltd HDMI extender over COAX with IR pass back


            So I have perfect HD Sky in my kitchen over ordinary aerial coax cable in my kitchen 20m from my sky box.


            So no RF2 out to coax which only gives you SD not HD


            **** expensive solution all round but it works


            35 quid for Neet Hdmi 2 way splitter 1x2 - takes HDMI out of Sky box and splits into 2 perfectly

            250 quid for Slingbox Pro HD

            200 quid for HDMI extender over coax

            1x BNC to male coax adaptor

            1x BNC to female coax adaptor

            1x HDMI cable

            1x Component cable

            £185 for HDfury 3 for new Amstrad Sky box vIa the Neet dual HDMi amp to go to Slingbox

            £175 SlingCatcher for bedroom TV connected via £70  powerline adaptors between router

            What I end up with is Sky and Xbox360  for movies and music in Sitting room, Bedroom via Slingcatcher and anywhere via Slingbox and Kitchen via HD cable extender over coax all from one central Amstrad Sky + HD box, what n effort!!! But rather pleased with the outcome and not paying sky for multi room and HD package on top single system for recording and playback

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              cmsdloma Newbie



              I was trying to do the same thing, but my life was made easier by the fact that I have one of the original Thomson Sky+ HD boxes, which has a COMPONENT-OUT built in.  I have connected my Slingbox to this and use it simultaneously with the HDMI out going to the telly.  When my Sky box started playing up, I repaired it myself because all new or replacement Sky boxes don't have the component out anymore.  However, it's still possible to get hold of them, e.g.: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180639323607&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT  I am repairing and refurbishing them if anyone is interested.


              This will save you hundreds on buying a HD Fury and a HDMI Splitter.  Of course, it would have been better if Sling had put a HDMI input with pass through [knowing as they must] that Sky boxes don't have component connections any more.




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                  Good Answer Dave, yes that certainly would have been great. I was a bit doubtful of the hardware, as I have a Thompson box, however the firmware would not update to the latest HD one and the recordings would fail if timed set.


                  One huge benefit of the HD fury is that you get Digital Audio out +  you can have two devices out of it for your slingbox to broadcast. So I have an XBOX 360 and a SKY box which I can interchange between.So I can now watch my XBOX360 movies and the ones on my laptop too over the SlingBox and Slingcatcher.


                  Having said that with all the cost, I might as well have just bought another XBOX 360!! It would probably wind up costing about the same, and at least I would have had a spare XBOX, but no fun trying and no way of watching it in the office or on iPad/iPhone without Sling!


                  Still waiting for all the bad comments on the AppStore about the Slingbox on the iPAD to improve as there are so many complaints about it.

                  Frankly the buyers have been stitched up so badly I'm hoping they will have just 1 App for iPad and iPhone and then I'm saved the purchase price as I have it for iPhone and am insensed that I need to buy it again for the iPAD, that's the whole point of the AppStore and iOS is apps are interchangeable between your devices. SlingMedia you deserve all you get from the bad comments on the AppStore - Listen to them!


                  Dave i've got a Thompson box what do you think its worth needing a refurbishment? I don't need it now.



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                  Hi All,


                  To confirm everything works as expected post help from this and other sources of info.

                  In summary I have a new amstrad pre 1TB sky hd+ box with hd tv's and hdmi only.

                  Purchased the neet hdmi cables 2 & had 1 already, neet splitter 1 in and 2 out simultaneously, hdfury3 hdmi to component, sling box pro hd.

                  It is expensive but worth the hassle over the alternative of lifting floors and or running cables all over and still not able to watch sky/subscription tv outside the home. Ps I'm sure you can save some money hunting around rather unlike me getting everything from one place on the web.


                  Ps neet and others including people in sky & virgin will not admit this configuration/solution works with their products.

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                    I am trying to set up something similar with the help of this post, please see my post.



                    Just getting confused as to why you seem to be splitting the output from the sky box??

                    Is this necessary bearing in mind the slinbox acts as a passthrough?? or am i missing something.


                    Perhaps you can help with what i am trying to do.


                    Thanks b..

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                        cmsdloma Newbie



                        I have a shiny new Sky HD box now, and they deprived me of component out.  So I bought a HD Fury and connected it to the HDMI out from the Sky box.  It gives a component out which I can connect to the Slingbox and I can confirm it works perfectly.  The HD Fury is fantastic!


                        The reason for the splitter, is obviously that you use up the HDMI output from the Sky box and can't connect the telly!  So I had to buy a HDMI splitter as well, and split the output from the Sky box first.  One feeds the telly and the other feeds the HD Fury.  It's a great setup, but expensive!


                        Hope it helps,