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    "Connecting..." then doesn't

    PatnetPatnet Newbie

      I have a Slingbox Classic which  has the latest firmware. About once a month, when I try to connect I get  a "Connecting…" message on multiple versions of SlingPlayer and it just  won't connect. Eventualy a dialog box says check firewall, connection  etc. A day later everything is fine. The issue occurs with direct IP  connection and also Slingfinder. I have no Internet outages at the  remote location or Slingbox, and can verify this by pinging. There are no variables at the Slingbox location for time of day etc. The internal network at the Slingbox  is wireline with Belkin HD, also on the latest firmware. Any ideas? Please don't point me to existing content relating to ports and configuring remote viewing, etc. I've been doing this a long time and have multiple Slingboxes.