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    Help with Remote Setup for VIP222k (Dish Network) receiver?




      I have a VIP222K Dish Network Receiver (dual tuner) with two Slinbox Pro-HD's connected... one to each tuner (TV1 and TV2). I have converted the UHF for TV2 to IR as well using a converter kit from Dish Network. So both tuners are now using IR. I can control both tuners using two separate physical IR remotes with one using Remote Address 1 and the other using something other than 1. However, I can't control the tuner set to Remote Address not 1 using SB IR Blaster virtual remote. My understanding based on what I have read on some threads is that by default the virtual remote uses Remote Address 1 and so I might need to use a custom remote that uses a remote address other than 1 but am not sure how to get that or use it. Need any help that any of you can render to point me in the right direction.


      Thanks in advance!!

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          Figured it out myself. Just used one of the standard Dish Remotes, remote address 2 instead of choosing the one specific to VIP222. Seems like most if not all Dish receivers use the same IR codes and so it does not really matter which reciever you have.

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              I also have a vip222k receiver and NONE of the remotes work for me - and believe me, I've tried them all. The remotes listed under "remote address" are all silver and do nothing to control the receiver. My dish remote is black and looks identical to what you find in "Other" selecting "Code 24" (except mine has a green "1" instead of a blue "2" on the bottom.).


              It is horribly frustrating because dish network insisted on upgrading our receivers and now I am unable to control my slingbox because the vip222k receiver is not on the supported list, and according to the customer service rep, who knows when or if it will ever be there...?


              ANYONE - PLEASE - ANY IDEAS???