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    I have Dish Network and HTC EVO


      Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I have Dish Network and the HTC EVO. After coming to this website I found out I can purchase a download for my Android phone for cheaper than purchasing the Sling that gets attached to my Dish DVR. Am I able to get the download for my phone without having to purchase the Sling that attaches to my DVR or would I still have to purchase the device as well? Any ideas for a cheaper solution would be most helpfull.

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          Hi, CHRISZIMBA


          The SlingPlayer Mobile application for the Android (or any other Mobile platform) is the software that allows you to control the TV source (cable box, DVR or satellite receiver) attached to your Slingbox.


          If you do not have the Slingbox, you will not be able to control the DVR. This means that you need to get the Slingbox and the SlingPlayer Mobile application. The following link will allow you get all the information about what you need and how the Mobile application works with the Slingbox.


          SPM for Android