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    option to limit picture quality / bandwidth?


      I'm not sure what the exact bandwidth usage for slingplayer mobile app for standard definition on 3G network, but I'm guessing around 300-600k a second on *normal standard mode* over a 3G connection?!?


      I'm seeing around 3-4 MB a minute usage over 3G at standard definition.


      Is it possible to RESTRICT the amount of bandwidth on Android Mobile version without limiting my whole phone to EDGE speeds? 


      I'm happy with around 70-135k a sec at edge speeds.  I know I used to run my slinplayer app on my tablet PC on edge speeds around 90kb/s and was happy with that outcome, but the only way I'm aware of reducing the picture quality or bandwidth for the android slingplayer mobile app is to enable my phone to only use 2G speeds which is a bit annoying having to do all the time.


      I'm also not sure if this might cut out incomming phone calls / sms msgs.  I read that using 2G network speeds might cut those options off, which I don't think is correct because I use to tether my sling on my old motorola slider phone using t-mobiles unlimited edge network.  I would still get phone calls coming in.


      It just seems silly the mobile app doesn't have a way to lower the quality settings in this day and age with most cut offs/ throttling after 3-5 GB usage on a lot of the networks.