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    Slingbox Pro-HD doesn't work with new digital cable


      Recently the cable companies are switching from analog cable signal to digital.  I have my slingbox set-up with normal cable and I have my digital box set-up on it too.  This gives me the option to either watch the cable box or my regular cable.  However, since the Pro-HD box doesn't have the ability to pick up those digital channels how do you fix that?  DO I have to buy either another cable box or something that will allow those digital channels to be viewed on the slingbox?


      Kind of sucks, since this probably wasn't a issue until a few months ago, but it seems the Pro-HD is at the end of the technology gap and I have a feeling the next Slingbox will address this with a digital tuner built in, so it can receive digtial channels over a normal cable line.


      Any ideas or help is much appreciated

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          Hi, smajorj


          The Slingbox PRO HD does work with the digital cable signal. This information is included in our website. The following link will provide you with this information.


          Connections on the Slingbox PRO HD


          In this case, you can take advantage of the Slingbox PRO HD internal tuner. You need to set a splitter on the coaxial cable that comes from the wall.


          Then, you need to send two lines from the splitter. The first one goes to your Slingbox (basic cable service channels) and the second one goes to your set top box (digital signal). This way, you will be able to select among the two options: the coaxial connection and Component / Composite connection.


          You can also check this link in order to get further information.


          TV Hook Up