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    Slingbox HD Pro going up and down


      Just installed a slingbox HD Pro


      Hardware ver: 2.53.0

      Firmware ver. 2.1.91 release date 11/30/2010


      Everything went fine and I upgradet the box to the latest firmware without any problems.


      My upload is 3 Mbsek and download about 6-8 Mbsek. The slingbox HD is in Denmark and the slingcatcher is in France. No problem to se the programs so everything seems to work perfect. BUT.....


      The connection keep going up and down every 40-50 sek If you look at the buffer (remote MODE) and streeming it streems with 1200 to 1400 and then go down to 0 every 40 to 50 sek. so the picture and sound is on and off (freezing)alle the time.


      I have installet 2 other slingbox Pro in Denmark and they are working perfect (not on the same ADSL)


      Any advices Thanks