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    When will recording to disc be supported



      I recently got myself a SlingBox Pro HD and the iPad player.

      The slingplayer software is installed on my macmini server connected to my tv and both the slingplayer for the tv and for the ipad works fine.

      But it puzzles me that there is no support for  recording tv shows to my disc for later viewing.!?

      What is the motivation for leaving out such an essential feature?


      I live in a different timezone from the one where the tv shows are being sent which means that most of the tv I like to watch I will have to record for later.

      Not only that - but I would like to be able to skip commercials and pause etc. Its 2011.

      And no - I dont want to hook up a DVR at the location where my slingbox is located.

      That just should not be necessary.


      Does anyone know if and when slingbox plan to include this must-have feature in their software?


      PS: There is pull from the users of your products to include a recording feature - please consider or explain why you have not included it yet or do not plan to either.



      Regards Henrik

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          I am a Slingbox customer for 5 years now, and they tend to have the strange behaviour of not responding to our demands here on the forums or by any other means. I ve tried to reach them in the past with no success.


          The feature that you are requesting is an old desire of mine. I ve read that they have not included as an strategy to minimize the legal risks involved, meaning, someone could deliver a law suit over them claiming copyrights issues.


          But i do not think this is an acceptable response, because others have done this with no harassment.




          Rodrigo Samico.