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    Connection Question



      I just got my slingbox solo and a slingbox turbo with the 4 Ethernet ports. Connection to my mainTV is fine, and to the computers on my network, although when my remote shows up in the list, it doesn't work, but a different one does.  It is connected to a Comcast Motorola cable box at the moment.  My Question is that there are other TV's in the house that had a cable running to them, and always got less channels.  It appears that the slingbox won't control these TV's.  I was thinking that  I could connect another ethernet cable into the Turbo, but does that mean that I need another Solo for each TV, or is there a way to use the Ethernet cable on the main TV and some kind of splitter to reach 1 or more of the other TVs?  I am also thinking of switching from Cable to Dish Network.  Does anyone know if I am going to have to get all new equipment for slingbox, and will I have the same connection issues with the secondary TVs?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Hi, Freedom11


          First of all, the Slingbox was not designed to control TV sets. It will allow you to access the supported TV sources features, as long as it is attached to the Slingbox.


          With this in mind, I recommend you to verify the home connections and run the Configure TV sources one more time. If it does not work, you can check this thread, provided by alanrichey42.


          Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control

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            To Ranaleon:

            Thank you for your reply.  With the help of SlingBox, I was able to get at least a remote working.  As to the main issue, thank you for providing a link, but I am not sure which of the posts from the gentleman that I was supposed to read, but none seemed applicable or at least none that came up  on my screen.  I am told that I cannot get it to do what I want, and if that is what it is, then that is what it has to be.  If on the other hand, there was a specific post that you were referring to,  I would be happy to read that.

            Thank you,