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    hoping for sling catcher upgrade in the future !!!

    Malmberg Newbie
      is there any plans to make a sling catcher generation 2 ??
      the reason i as is that Even tho i am very happy to take my television with me around the world there is some serious function's missing in your sling catcher !!!
      first i was attached my satellite receiver with my sling box but to my disappointment i found out that the sling catcher had no power button on the sling catcher remote to turn my satellite receiver on at home
      i had to first log on my computer with sling software and turn my satellite receiver on with the sling software remote then log of the computer whit out turning of my receiver at home
      after that my sling catcher when the receiver already on worked ok but when ever i wanted to turn power on and of on my satellite receiver i had to go to the computer....  ?????
      getting tiered of needing to turn my computer on every time before and after whatcing television on my sling catcher in my summer house and in hotels rooms
      i swifted to Cable signal to my sling box instead of satellite .
      and now there was no problems it worked perfect
      well almost perfect
      i verily miss the opportunity to make a favorite channel list or the possibility to swift the channel line so i can place my favorite channel as number 1 and the next 2 and so on.....
      right now you can only remove a channel or keep the channel no possibility to make your personal order af channels ???
      last i also think it wood to great if the next generation sling catcher ma-by also had TEXT function put in
      it is anyways nice to quickly yo-use the text tv to se the tv guide or news
      last i will say thanks for the big joy your product is giving me.
      i am danish live in spain and working around europe and with the sling box i feel that i am right at home with my danish television every night.....JUST LOVE IT......
      is there a new upgraded sling catcher on the way or do anybody knows how is it looking ??
      regards claus