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    How to add a remote control model to the list?


      Hi there,


      I'm from Germany and just got my new Slingbox to watch TV abroad. Sound and Picture are fine, setup worked well, but I cannot get the remote to work.

      Can anybody help me? Please?


      1) Unfornately in the setup it didn't show the model of my cable box - It's a Philips DCR 9000/02, with a remote control for the DSR 7005.

      So I chose other.


      2)  In the following process, I had to set up the ir-remote. I tried out every code, but not one worked.

      As none of the codes for setting up the ir-control worked, i looked up the program code for the cable box remote. It is 993.


      I tried to add it as a custom Code, by typing in the numbers - but it just didn't worked Now I do not really know what to to.


      Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!!!