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    Magnavox MDR315H


      Will the Slingbox SOLO control a Magnavox MDR315H Digital Video Recorder?  I purchased it to try to use it instead of a cable set top box but I cannot find it listed when I try to setup the Slingbox.

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          AlRichey Novice

          Check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/thread/3300?tstart=0

          Come back if it doesn't help.
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            i'm assuming u meant MDR513H,  i have this model and yes it works.  you'll need to go to remotes.slingbox.com and create a 'custom remote'.

            if you're planning to connect multiple sources, i'd recommend getting a 'digital switch' so you can change the audio source (slingbox solo only has one audio in).

            i got the 'cables to go 28731' switch from amazon ~$40 and a new IR cable with 3 emitters (will probably also need a mono 3.5 mm to 2.5mm adapter to fit the IR cable to the slingbox (radio shack $5) .


            my setup: cable box = component, MDR513H = composite, audio switch = s-video