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    local slingplayer Mobile


      Newbie question.

      I am trying to have my sling solo(which is probably about 2 years old)  to stream to my Ipad.  I see a lot of folks complaining about slingPlayer for Ipad going over 3G.  I seem to have marginal results even just streaming locally?  I'm trying to understand if a a slingPlayer Mobile still has to go onto the internet to connect to my slingsolo?  I've used the search button a little, but haven't had much luck in deteriminig if I'm getting the best performance that I can expect.  After spending $30 for this app..I really want it work the best that it can. 


      So the normally what happens is..it will freeze initially...and then it will start running okay after some period of time...then if I try to change the channel, it takes for ever to catch up, and show me the new channell.


      Any general ideas on this, or things I should read?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

              If your IPad is connected via WIFI to the same router as your Slingbox, then that's the best possible performance you can get.  If your IPad is not connected to the router, you have to connect via 3G with means you are going through the internet to your cell phone provider then via 3G to your IPad.  Performance will generally not be as good.

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              Yeah, my slingbox pro is connected to a hub, which I believe is serving up a 192.168.15...subnet...there may be another router which is serving up another subnet of 192.168.1...which is also a wif router that I'm connecting in with my IPAD.  I guess the root of my question is is there a sure way to know that I'm staying local?  The only part that confuses me is when I put in information in the website, if it tries to some how bounce through a Sling server in the sky, and then come back?

              In comparison, when I run my slingplayer for WIndows the  updates to the menu are really fast, which gives me the feeling that all requests are staying local to my local area network..

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                  Hi, spfrancis45


                  If you are connecting to your Slingbox on the same local network (LAN) where your Slingbox is, you are not using the Internet service. If you are using any other network (away from home or not the one where your Slingbox is), you are using the Internet service.