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    How? DirecTV AND StarChoice/Shaw Satellite Sling Guide on 1 Slingbox


      I have a DirecTV HD DVR & a StarChoice/Shaw Satellite unit on my Slingbox. The Slingbox is a USA unit. I have no issue setting up the Sling Guide with my USA Zip Code.


      However, I cannot set up a guide for my StarChoice/Shaw Satellite unit. The SC/Shaw unit works perfectly with the Slingbox, however, as I am in the USA, no StarChoice Guide info is available to choose in the Slingbox Setup - and when asked for Zip Code/Postal Code - even if I put in a Canadian Postal Code (which is 6 alpha/numeric, unlike Zip which is 5 digits), the Sling setup will only accept 5 positions (probably because its a USA unit).


      So - how do I set up the Sling Guide for StarChoice/Shaw Satellite when I need to keep my USA address in my Sling Account for my DirecTV Sling Guide?


      Thanks in advance