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    SOLO with HD Channels


      I am in the debate on which Slingbox to get. I was thinking of getting the digital one but had some questions.


      1) If someone is watching an HD channel when I connect will I just not get the HD quality or will it fail to connect?

      2) Is there any other advantage of getting the hd pro version over the solo one besides the hd quality?



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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          I have the SOLO and Charter HD cable.  When watching an HD channel, the picture is full screen (16X9) on both my laptop and my Droid.  It is a higher quality picture than when watching a standard definition channel.  When watching a SD channel, the picture is 4X3 with black bars on both sides on both my laptop and Droid.  The picture quality is OK, but not as good as with an HD channel.  I am perfectly happy with the SOLO.  I went with it because of price and the fact that I don't have the computing power recommended for the Pro-HD.  I also only have 2 mbps upload speed.  I recently experimented with 3 mbps but cut back to 2 mbps due to cost.   I also have two source devices plugged into my SOLO.  One is a Charter cable box and the other is a ROKU for Netflix.  The cable box uses component cables and the ROKU uses a composite cable.  I use splitters to feed the two audio sources into the single pair of R/L audio jacks on the SOLO.  I use the ROKU to watch Netflix on my Droid since there is not a Netflix app as of yet for the Droid.