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    Windows Media Center


      I have seen a lot of folks asking about Windows Media Center, but it doesn't seem that anybody is asking about what I want to know.


      I have my Slingbox Solo connected to my Comcast cable box. I am able to watch on Slingplayer Mobile and through the web client. I have also tried an older version of the Slingplayer Windows application (for some reason, I can't find Slingplayer 2.0 anywhere, but that's possibly irrelevent). All of this is nice, though not ideal.


      What I really want is to be able to watch my Slingbox stream within Windows Media Center. I am going to be away from home for a while, and I plan on setting up an HTPC, and I really enjoy the look of Windows Media Center, along with the Netflix support. Is this possible?


      If not, is there another alternative to the web-based player?

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          I've been hoping that someone would develop this capability (accessing sling stream from within Media Center) for years, but it doesn't seem to exist.


          What works best for me is using a slingcatcher at the remote location....but this solution has nothing to do with Media Center, unfortunately.