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    droid x  and ipad all of a sudden will not connect why?


      My droid x and my ipad will not connect to the slingbox my computer works fine can not figure out what has happened and I am two (2) days off my free support ended and SLINGBOX COULD CARE LESS THEY WANT $49 to answer my question.Two days after the 90 day support period ,I have bought there product and two subscriptions android and ipad and they still could give a s@#$%$#T.Thanks guys for your support I gave you mine and you won't help me this I will remember and definilty will make sure other people know about your lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE OR CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.Thanks for nothing

      Is there anyone out there that could possibly answer this question is why all of a sudden after it has worked fine since december that I now get "slingplayer cannot connect to your slingbox" on both my Android phone and my Ipad? thanks for your help in advance as Slingbox won't help . Don