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    Problem with new Desktop Slingplayer

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      All of a sudden I began having problems with my Slingbox Pro HD.  It would behave fine for about 2 minutes and then freeze.  I decided to reinstall it and was forced to use the setup program in the new desktop Slingplayer for Windows since the browser version has been discontinued..  This new version doesn't work for me.  The major problem is that when I run the setup program, I continually get stopped with an error message that the internet connection is too slow even though it tests out at 50+ Mbs (both upload and download).  Sometimes the setup program can't even find my Slingbox.  My router is set up correctly.  Rebooting the Slingbox to factory defaults has no effect.  I was even going to try to remove and set up a fresh sling,com account and start over from scratch.  However, there doesn't seem to be a way of doing that.  Has anyone else experienced a smilar problem?  Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for what to try?