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    How to avoid connection to Slingbox HD from dropping?


      When I connect via the internet using the slingcatcher to the Slingbox the connection drops.


      Turning off the slincatcher then turning on does not work; it gives me an error network.


      The work around (which it is time consuming) is to remotely login to the computer (same network) where the slingbox is connected.


      Then, I ping the slingbox to wake it up and if does not work then I telnet to the slingbox to wake it up.


      And it is follow by connecting to the slingbox via the slingplayer located at the computer where I have remotted access into.


      After all these steps, then I am able to connect from where I am to the slingbox via the slingcatcher or the slingplayer.


      If I watch the remote TV via Slingplayer remotely, the connection seems to be more stable but it is not the case with the slingcatcher.


      Slingbox tech support insist that I have to pay for maintenance on the slingbox, which I refuse to pay because I started to have all  these problems since I upgraded to the last version of Slingbox software v2.1.90 on December 2010. Before the upgrade, the system was rock stable.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi tacubayaman.


          If you are still experiencing issues with the connection through the SlingCatcher, we recommend you to perform a Factory Reset on the SlingCatcher. You will need to press and hold the reset button of the unit for 30 seconds. Once that's done, complete the installation wizard.


          Also, you can try to enable the Internet Viewing manually from the Slingbox location, to make sure that the settings are correct. Feel free to access this link to retrieve the instructions.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Please, let us know if it worked.



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              Hi Cristina,


              I already tried the recommended solutions. The key to the problem is if a watch via SlingPlayer is not an issue. Connection does not drop, but it drops only with slingCatcher. I have called Technical Support and they have told me the issue is with the SlingBox and I have to pay for support. Technical support don't want to address what I already explained despite I have already payed for slingcatcher maintenance. It does not make sense to me.