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    HELP with Pro-HD in Hong Kong


      My first one is Sling Box Classic in 07 April - works for about 14 months and the network light died

      My 2nd one is Sling Box Solo in 08 July - works for another 16 months and the network light died

      My 3rd one is also Sling Box Solo 09 Oct - works for 15 months and the network light died

      This is my 4th Sling Box, it is Sling Box Pro-HD and it is bought in Feb 11 in New York


      The Slingbox Pro-HD is not available in HK, maybe it is because it is in NTSC while HK is in PAL mode.

      Anyway, I have a NOW TV Cable BOX and it can (NICELY) set the output signal to either PAL or NTSC output.

      I have set the NOW TV BOX output to NTSC and it works GREAT with Pro-HD.


      The Slingbox Pro-HD was working PERFECTLY for the past 2 weeks after I got it back from New York.

      But this week, it suddenly does not work properly. The Remote ICON is grey out.

      I did a setup again and the software said Pro-HD is not supported in Hong Kong (this week), IT WAS WORKING last week and the week before.

      And it won't let me select my CABLE BOX.


      Can someone in Slingmedia tell me the custom remote code for NOW TV CABLE BOX remote?

      Both NOW TV CABLE BOX model has the same remote.



      Best Regards,

      A very SAD Slingbox user