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    Slingbox solo (unconfigured)


      Hi, I have purchased a slingbox solo (second hand) and am having trouble getting started.


      I have been through the wzards on the sling web pages but I jet keep getting

      "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again"


      Everything seems OK, network is all reliable and the slingbox is found no

      problem. I have ceated my account and I am logged in.


      I am wondering if there is a stage I have missed like registering this particular

      box with my account or something like that.


      Any one had similar problems?

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          hi there STEG1970,read through your post and everything would suggest there should be no problem with your set up,i am no expert only recently got up and running with my      SOLO,  did you have any problems with the port forwarding section because most hiccups seem to be involved getting that right   like the right port in your router and the correct id numbers in your account,hope you get it sorted because slingbox are great fun.   ROY

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            Having similar problems myself... Bought a slingbox SOLO yesterday and am having all sorts of problems  with setting it up but not sure how to tell if it's a faulty unit or  not?


            When I first plugged everything in and went to set it up through  slingbox.com it recognized my SOLO. Then it asked if i wanted to update  the firmware so I agreed to let it do that. After that it began it's  restart phase but everytime when I try to run though the online setup  process it brings up the "Local Slingbox not detected…" page and tells  me to check connections which I've done countless times. It won't find  it at all. I've restarted the router and SOLO several times but with no  luck. The Network and power light are on most of the time but every  minute or so the sling light and network light begin to flash then  settle down again.


            Anybody know what might be going on here because i'm ready to go and get my money back today!