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    help with internet watching




         I am away on vacation in another country and the speeds I'm getting are well below par. I recently bought a sony vaio and when trying to view my slingbox with the internet player, the speeds were only about 100kbps, horrible for viewing......I am using windows firewall with the vaio and after about two days with those poor speeds, a window came up that said some of the features of the slingbox player were being blocked by the windows firewall. So I allowed the features to pass through the firewall. Then the speeds dramatically picked up. They were in the 800kbps to 1000 kbps range earlier today. Even viewing full screen, everything looked great and I thought the problem was solved.....Later today, I connected again to the internet player and the speeds were again in the 100-200 kbps range. As far as my internet connection here at the hotel goes, it says that it is excellent. Viewing internet pages is about as fast as my home connection. Anyone have any ideas about what might be going on here??  Thanks for any help....