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    Pace cable box DC758D Control code?


      Anyone know what the control code is for this box supplied by Shaw Cable (Alberta)?


      Shaw and Slingbox tech support no help.  Everything else setup I believe except this section of Setup Assistant.


      References when posted indicated that is a Motorola box underneath and found Code 2 worked.


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          References that came up when posted indicated that Motorola codes would liklely work.  Code 2 worked.

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              Received Codes from Pace in response to question.  Here is their reply.


              Since the codes are assigned by the manufacturer of the remote, there is no specific Pace code. If Pace is not listed in your remote control's manual, or the codes listed for Pace do not work, you will want to use codes listed for Scientific Atlanta (SA) or Motorola, depending on the Pace model you have. You may also want to check the website of your remote manufacturer for an updated code list.

              If you have the following Pace models, use the Scientific Atlanta codes:

              • DC501P
              • DC510P
              • DC511P
              • DC550P
              • DC551P/PF

              If you have the following Pace models, use the Motorola codes:

              • DC100X
              • DC500D
              • DC700X
              • DC702D
              • DC755D
              • DC757X
              • DC758D
              • RNG110
              • RNG150N
              • RNG200N
              • TDC575D
              • TDC577X
              • TDC770D
              • TDC775D
              • TDC776D
              • TDC777D
              • TDC778X
              • TDC779X
              • TDC780X
              • TDC787X
              • TDC788D


              Pace Technical Support