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    Slingbox SOLO IR blaster Humax PVR9200T onscreen remote up/down/left/right buttons make double key press

    Jenningsville Newbie

      Hi, i've just upgraded from Classic to Solo (connected to my Humax PVR9200T). When I click on the up/down/left/right buttons on the onscreen remote its sending double presses thru the IR blaster. I'm using the standard SlingPlayer installed onscreen remote. The same thing happens on all the SlingPlayers I've tried: Windows XP SlingPlayer, Windows Mobile SlingPlayer, iPhone SlingPlayer and iPad SlingPlayer. The Windows, iPhone and Windows Mobile SlingPlayers all work OK on the Classic. I've tried relocating the IR Blasters, and even swapping the IR Blasters for different ones - all with the same effect.  Pls can you help. Thx.