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    TV OUT from iPhone 4 now working!


      The latest update to the Sling Mobile iPhone 4 app adds the functionality so many have been asking for.  I can now plug my iPhone 4 into my in car DVD player and watch TV on it!  I use a cable called a J-Cable which I believe is a proprietary Jensen Stereo cable that allows me to output from the iPhone to the LCD in my Car.  It worked with Youtube, Netflix, iPID videos, etc... but Slingbox was one of the apps that didn't work until this latest update came out.  It says it works with Component out cables, so it looks like this much requested function has finally been added!  Thanks Sling for listening to and responding to your customers requests!  It says a lot about your company.  Now I can watch Oprah on my way home from work!  Or anything else for that matter!  Wooohooo!  And yes, I do watch TV while I drive and text and smoke and snack while steering with one knee.

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          My new iPhone 4 works great with the Apple Composite video cable. So it seems that the 2.1 upgrade works with Composite video as well as the reported Component.

          My son has a 3rd Gen itouch that uses the same A/V cable, but he only gets sound, no picture. He has the 2.1 Sling Media Player release and we matched the setting and we are connecting to the same slingbox over the same wifi (not simultaneously). We is his iTouch not getting TV out to work?

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            I using the official Apple VGA cable and I can watch Sling to my Projector from my iPhone 4 and Slingplayer 2.1 , but only thorough the Sling SOLO. When I try to connect with the Slingbox Pro (not HD) I get only audio. Why? Pro is not supported or what? Also the SOLO is working perfect when streaming in HQ but not when in SQ (only audio). The Pro gave me a message that HQ is not supported. It is this the problem? But in the changelog is reported that SQ is also supported. Where is the trick?

            In What`s new is reported: "...If you don`t have enough bandwidth for HQ mode, you can improve your viewing experience by pressing the SQ button to stream in Standard Quality" So what is the solution to watch also from Slingbox Pro in SQ mode?

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              Can anyone confirm if it works with the 3GS or only the iPhone 4, like the Netflix app?  I'm using the Pro HD device.

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                what network are you on?  Mine will not work on VERIZON network, It will only stream out audio no video.

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                  I'm curious, as I have NOT been able to make the TV out via SLINGBOX mobile app work. I can get videos to play, however, only through the ipod app. When hooking up the COMPONENT cable, AND the HDMI cable...BOTH only produce audio using the slingbox app. I have tried both cables, my settings are correct and I have tried the 1st gen ipad, the iphone 3gs, an the iphone 4.


                  Do I have to run the SLINGBOX PRO HD box? I have the PRO with the HD BREAKOUT CABLE.


                  I bought the app for the iphone 4.... thinking it would only work with the 4, still no luck.


                  I see that some of you have had troubles similar (only audio).


                  Can anyone offer any insight to how to make this work?


                  Here is my setup:


                  SLINGBOX PRO (with HD breakout cable / box)

                  APPLE IPHONE 4

                  APPLE COMPONENT CABLE

                  APPLE HDMI CABLE

                  SLINGBOX MOBILE APP. (fully updated)

                  ATT NETWORK


                  thanks in advance


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                    Mine worked for a few days- and now only shows picture on the iPhone- is there a setting I'm missing?

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                      I called Slingplayer today. Support told me if it is working you are lucky. He said it was not supported ( I have iphone4) and will not be in the future. I tried my component cable and it worked the first time and then a few days later I only got sound. Picture was terrible the first time it worked.

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                          I noticed that a SP Mobile app update was released for my iphone 4 a few days ago and I was hoping this would solve my issues of not being able to connect my iphone to my car DVD player (factory dvd system in gm truck).  It worked!  In the past I was able to get audiio only, no video, now I get everything.  It's awesome.  I have not tried this with my HDMI cable, but the composite cable (R, W, Y) works.

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                              I can't get HDMI to work with my Car DVD screen either, but I do have it running on component so it's HD.  The reason I think (BIG I THINK) that you couldn't get it to work before the latest update is that it only did HQ (read HD) video before and since you are hooked up via composite, that's why.  Good luck!  I hope you getr it going gia HDMI! 

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                            I tried to use hdmi and video cables but not working.... I have updates on iPhone 4 and slingbox but not working.

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                                It works for me if I use the Apple TV Out Composite Cable - but it only outputs to the TV if I'm in HQ Mode on the slingplayer App. HQ mode always lags quite a bit for me - I am living in Australia, my slingbox is at my parent's house back in the US. I have a wireless bridge on the home network and obviously I am on wifi using my iPhone, so it's far from the fastest possible connection. SQ mode always works without skipping, but the TV output doesn't work in SQ mode right now. Very frustrating.