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    Slingplayer on iPad over 3G not working "SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox" but iPhone Slingplayer OK

    Jenningsville Newbie

      Hi, I just upgraded my Slingbox to a Solo HD (from Classic) and purchased the iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile. It works fine over wifi, but when I try over 3G I get a "SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox" message. I dont understand why it doesn't work. I have the iPhone SlingPlayer app working fine on the same iPad over 3G (and wifi), so why wont the iPad SlingPlayer work over 3G? FYI my 3G is Vodafone - not that I think that's relevent cos as I said the iPhone SlingPlayer app installed on the same iPad works fine over the Vodafone 3G. Doh! Any contributions from the fine readership of this forum will greatly received to help me get my iPad version of SlingPlayer working over 3G! Thanks.