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    Program Guide

    GaryMO Newbie

      Is the program guide feature currently available on SPM for Android?  When I press on that button, I get one of the Charter Moxi menu displays, not the typical electronic program guide (EPG) you see on the desktop player.

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          Hi GaryMO,


          Have a look at this discussion, this could help,




          Basically the SlingPlayer Mobile for Android does not support the Program Guide right now, we'll have to wait for a software update to change that. Right now, only with a DVR connected to the Slingbox you will be able to get the guide, but please note that's not the regular guide, it's the one included on the DVR.



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              GaryMO Newbie

              Yes, thanks, I figured that out after a while.  As I posted elsewhere, why not a Zap2It EPG for Android devices?  This would be a very useful feature I believe.  Hopefully it is scheduled to rollout in an upcoming software update, as well as a Favorites feature.