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    Solo not recognized by XP computer after latest update


      Solo is working fine on my network, Two computers running windows 7 having no prpblem connecting. Three computers running XP service pack 3 will not connect. It can see the slingbox on the network but says check network/firewall/router settings. Any help?

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          same problem here, seems like it "bricked" my slingbox for xp, it does sort of work on my laptop with windows 7 laptop, my solo is a brand new box.


          i had to manually do the port forwarding in my router, seems it doesn't pnp well, my ipcamera was able to port forward itself ok. i didn't realize it was going to be such a headache to set up.




          1.   i downloaded the "windows slingplayer" (62 meg) to my windows 7 64 bit laptop

          2.   reseted the sling box,

          3.  all went well on the setup (usuing direct tv HR-22 dvr) PnP worked on m asus rt-n16 router with tomato firmware

          4.  logged in to my sling with verizon usb internet card. works

          5. used slingplayer on my xp rig, works (hard wired into the home network)


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            Hi, anthes


            If you are able to find the Slingbox on your network but keep getting this message, we recommend you to check the security software on those specific computers. If the issue is about the Slingbox, you would get the same behavior in all of your computers.


            The following link will provide you with some information to check.


            Internet security and personal firewalls