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    just can not get guest login to work


      Been working on this for a week now.


      I have followed all the posts I have read and tried to setup the guest account correctly.   I login to my admin account with computer number 1.  I then login with computer number 2 to the guest login.  I get the pop-up box that says someone is logged in already and enter the admind password to override it. I do not want to do that, just want to login as the guest.  I have created the two accounts, turn off the auto admin login on the master account.  The only thing I have not done yet is to reboot the actual slingbox.


      I also tried to get help from slingbox, but my 90 days is up and they become very unhelpful after 90 days.


      Can the same IP address not use both the admin and guest login?  Maybe that is it.


      Any help will be great.  Getting tired of this not working right.....grrrr





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          dbsguy Apprentice

          You can NOT do what your wanting. Only one person can be logged into the slingbox at a time no matter if it's on the guest or the admin login.


          The only differances between the guest and the admin logins in the following:
          • If you try loggin in to the slingbox and someone else is using the slingbox, you can bump them off and watch by entering in the admin password to overide their access.
          • Only when logged on as an admin can one change settings on the slingbox (such as reruning the setup wzard in order to reconfigure the box). this prevents users from accidentally messing up the box settings.