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    No video signal while at work


      I just set up my SlingBox HD Pro with DirecTv HR23-700 DVR and ATT 2Wire gateway.  When I try to log in at work, the player appears to connect but the stream never gets above 40kbps, therefore no video or audio plays.  I was able to connect the first time I tried, but it's been this way ever since.  My office does not block streaming.  I've had a friend in IT (who owns a SlingBox too) check out my settings and he says my setting are identical to his, and he has no problem watching his.  I have had a friend log in from her home and it worked perfectly so it seems that my internet viewing settings are correct.  I am also having an issue logging in via my SlingPlayer app for my iPhone.  It will not even locate my SlingBox from a solid 3G connection.


      Are there some router settings I am missing?  I set it up per the setup utility, and manually set the port forwarding settings as directed in the SlingBox setup wizard.