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    Connecting Slingbox Pro to V+ Virgin Media using HDMI


      I am really hoping to find a solution to my problem.

      I recently moved and had my Slingbox Pro running perfectly on SkyHD but now I have a V+ Virgin Box.

      So I figured this would connect up very easily but found a major problem. The Virgin box setup makes you select the output as either HDMI or SCART/Component.

      Obviously I want it to be setup as HDMI for my television, but then the signal is not being sent from the V+ to my Slingbox. I then thought about the HD Connect Cable which I assumed would allow me to get buy an HDMI splitter to send 1 output to the tv and the other to the Slingbox.

      Now I noticed that the inputs for the HD Connect cable are not HDMI but instead component so this doesn't solve the problem because the signal is only set to output as HDMI from V+.

      So I am now stumped for ideas on making this work and would appreciate help from anyone who may have solved this problem.

      Many thanks in advance.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          If you search on this forum you will lots of discussion about this.   The solution appears to be SCART/component to the Slingbox then a pass-through component to the TV and don't use the HDMI at all.


          Also look on Wikepedia for HDCP and that explains why Virgin have gone down this route.

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            dbsguy Apprentice

            You only have 2 choices. One option you've already been given, while the other comes at a financial cost; but I'llx on both options:


            Option 1:

            Remove the SCART to "HDMI adapter" and replace it with the "SCART to component video adapter". Run the component video out of the Virgin V+ box to the Slingbox PRO's component video inputs, then run another component video cable out of the SSlingbox PRO's component video outputs to the TV's component video inputs.




            Option 2:

            This option requires you to purchase some additional equipment; but allows HDMI out and will work both the TV and the Slingbox.


            (1) 1x2 HDMI splitter (@ a typical average consumer cost of $30.00)

            (2) Additional HDMI cables (@ a typical average consumer cost of $10/each)

            (1) HD Fury 3 breakout adapter (this adapter changes HDMI into a usable component video cable set (@ a typical average consumer cost of $249)


            In this senario you would connect as follows:

            1. "HDMI SCART" out of the Virgin V+ box to the 1x2 HDMI splitter using your existing HDMI cable.
            2. Connect one of the new HDMI cables to one of the HDMI outputs on the 1x2 HDMI splitter to the TV's HDMI.
            3. Connect the other new HDMI cable to the other output on the 1x2 HDMI splitter to the HD Fury 3 component Video adapter.
            4. Finally Connect a component video cable set out  the HD Fury 3's component outputs to the Slingbox's component video inputs.


            Option 2 allows for an end result of HDMI connectivity to the TV (including all resolutions up to 1080P) while still allowing component video connection to the Slingbox PRO for maximum video connectivity on all devices.


            *Keep in mind however that you only have a Slingbox PRO. If you were to also upgrade your slingbox to the Pro HD model you wpould also gain the advantage of in network HD streaming as well as remote HD viewing (if your ISP's upload speed is sufficient to support those resolutions) @ HD resolutions up to 1080i.

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                Thank you very much for this detailed answer. It gives me two viable options.


                Last question I have then is if I went with option 1 of using the SCART/Component out from the Virgin box and passing it through the Slingbox, will I still be able to get a good HD picture on my TV or am I going to lose a lot of picture and sound quality? I watch a lot of HD sport and don't want to lose any quality.


                My tv is 1080i but not sure if that makes any difference since I think Virgin only outputs at 720p.

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                    dbsguy Apprentice

                    If your TV's max resolution is only 1080i, and your source (the Virgin + box) is only 720P, then the component video output SCART will still allow the max resolution for your specific senario to both devices (the TV and the Slingbox).


                    The only benefit you would have by connecting via HDMI versus component is that all connections (video and audio) would be digital to the TV thus eliminating some possible interferance issues from things like power supplies. This method of conenction could also produce a "brighter" picture and of course the ability to pass upto 1080P resolutions compared to 1080i when connected via component. Again the resolution issue isn't an issue since both your current TV and source Virgin box aren't capable of 1080P.

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                    Could I ask if you know of any HDMI splitters that would work in option two? I'm looking at the Neet one from here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001D9P1OW/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=A1T39SA8AUFT6J

                    and was told by Neet that because of some HDCP compliance this may not work?

                    Regards and Thank you in advance.

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                    Depending upon which V+ box you use then you will be able to output HDMI to the TV and connect to the SCART Backup port. The one used to back up programs to DVD. This SCART socket is live on my Black V+ box.  Therefore I am able to be sent (streamed) stored programs and watch live tv (whatever my girlfriend is watching).


                    The only downside is that this socket does not support on screen graphics (menus, epg etc).  You only get the video feed.  Therefore changing channel remotely can be more troublesome as you cannot see what the box is responding to.  The other V+ functions will be inaccessible unless you write down the key sequences.