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    3g does not work since 2/24 update


      the app has always worked beautiful on 3g. i just did the update that was just released and now it does not work on 3g. i used it for 3 hours on 3g just before i did the update without a flaw.....now, since the update, it says not connected. can someone from slingbox please explain, or advise to how soon a correction update will be released. thank you.

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          I'm having the same problem

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            jimfitzgerald Apprentice

            Works for me.  You have something else going on.

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              SAME HERE FOR ME,

              prior to the update from the android marketplace, my stream was beautiful, now choppy as ****. What did they do to my software? Is there a way to uninstall the update and go back to a working system?  This is very disheartening, I am going to repeat, "NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED, SAME LOCATION AS ALWAYS, JUST A CHOPPY CHOPPY STREAM NOW"

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                I was having the same problem -- I could connect, but the images were getting pixelated, frozen, and basically unwatchable; and the audio would just stay choppy continuously.  At first I thought either Verizon was throttling my bandwidth or all the new iPhone users were hogging. 


                Turned out I needed to update the firmware on the Slingbox Pro.  I didn't want to update the firmware because sometimes I would still watch from an old computer running an older version of the desktop player.  But updating the firmware seemed to have fixed the 3G issue (Android Player).


                Will check to see if I can still watch from the old computer/player.  Will report back later.


                P.S. HQ seems to choke up the 3G speed though.  But I wasn't terribly surprised -- just a tad disappointed.

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                  Hi, redkodiak4x4 and all


                  As stated by spiffyworld, you can try to update the Slingbox firmware version and see how the application works when on 3G. This link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to update the Slingbox firmware version.


                  How do I update the Slingbox Software (firmware) on my Slingbox?


                  Try it out and let us know how it works.

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                    dbsguy Apprentice

                    As mentioned a couple of times, make sure your slingbox is runing the latest firmware.

                    If it is then try removing and reinstalling the app on the iPhone itself.

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                      It has been said that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  I have been slinging for years.  First on Nokia e71 and e72, then Samsung Epic 4g.  Up until the update on 2-24-11, I have never had a problem with Slingplayer on any of my phones.  Like everyone else here, I am ticked off that I have paid $29.00 for a piece of software that now won't even let me use it.  Since the update, my stream is sooooooo choppy that I can't even use the phone to watch.  Has anyone found a way that we can go back to the previous version.  I used to be able to Sling for hours on end with NO PROBLEMS!!!!


                      If anyone from Dish/ATT or whoever owns Sling Media now will respond to this, it would be greatly appreciated.  

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                        hm. I am having the same problem. The first thing I did was checking if I needed to update the firmware, but it is up to date. Uninstalling and again installing the software on my galaxy tab didn´t work either. I hope someone has a solution or knows how to go back to the previous version, because normally I use this app on a daily base, so I really have a problem. Is there any support guy available who can shed some light?

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                          I have been having this software every since it came out, and who ever is saying that it works good is on something cause this update is terrible.  Please go back to the old.

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                              jimfitzgerald Apprentice

                              SlingPlayer works perfectly on my Motorola Droid.  I just got the Android update from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 last night and it still works perfectly.  I have a Slingbox SOLO with all the current firmware updates, etc.  I wish I had some ideas for you, but I don't.

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                                i agree, i'm not sre what the problem is but there is clearly something wrong.  i experienced the issue with the AV so i figured, ok, time to upgrade.  I purchases the solo and still, very choppy/unwatchable.  i would feel better if sling support would at least acknowledge the issue and state a fix is in the works..........   my friend uses www.myhava.com and they work fine for windows mobile devices but not droid capable just yet.



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                                    two things, i see there is a new firm ware update for my box, i did this and it worked, however, earlier today, i was looking at the droid app comments and found a user stating they loaded the v 1.0 apk and loaded that back on the evo and everything was working fine,  i was coming out her eto update the forum adn saw the firmware update, i did that and then my slingbox mobile was choppy again, i reinstalled update and everything  works now.  either way, find the v1.0 apk to get it working or see if your unit needs another firmware update.  last month, i updated the firmware with less that favorable results, it appears this latest update worked.  good luck... i'm slinging again, too bad march madness is basically over.....  

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                                  Alright guys,  I've been slinging since it came out, and I've been slinging since before slingbox even existed with other apps.  So a little diligence may be needed on your part.


                                  I just upgraded with the 2/24 update tonight as well and like a lot of you immediately experienced quite a bit of trouble on my ipad2 and on my iphone 4G during a 3G test.  (I always test after an update, both WiFi and 3G)  This has happened before though, so I was not entirely alarmed immediately.


                                  First thing I tried rebooting my iphone and ipad - No improvement


                                  Second thing I check was to make sure my sling HD was completely updated on firmware version.  It was


                                  Third thing I did was delete the app completely and reinstall it from the app store.  My thought process here was something with the app upgrade didnt install properly maybe. - No Improvement


                                  Fourth thing I did was deciding to go through the setup for internet viewing even though the connection seemed to be making it through, just not very good.  This has become incredibly easy since the first sling days I might add.  Sure enough for some reason going back through the internet viewing setup solved my problem.  My settings didnt even change port wise.  But for some reason something wasn't talking with my router properly.


                                  Now,,  I know this may not solve it for everyone but it isnt sling I assure you. The reason I posted everything I did was to point out that sometimes with these things you have to be willing to troubleshoot and do some dirtywork.  It doesnt take long.  I probably spent 15-20 min going through all of this.


                                  Those of you who think Sling is out to screw everyone by purposefully causing problems?  I really see no logic in that,  and I guaruntee they don't either.


                                  Good Luck everyone,