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    Moving purchased SPM to new Google/Android account?


      I purchased SPM for Android pretty much as soon as it was available.  At the time Google did not yet support the use of Google Apps accounts for most of their services, so my Droid, purchased launch day, was hooked to my @gmail.com account.  So that's the account SPM was purchased under.


      Since then Google finally fully enabled Google Apps support for pretty much all of their services, and I've migrated over *everything* - Google Voice, Google Talk, etc.  And, of course, reset my phone to be linked to my Google Apps account, which is @megazone.org.  I *cannot* use the @gmail.com account, too much depends on everything I have linked in Apps.  One example - the Google Talk app on Android only allows you to log into the account the phone is setup with.  For me all of my contacts on GTalk know me through my @megazone.org account.  To use that on the phone I *must* link the phone to that account.  (This is a long standing bug against GTalk on Android.)  Yeah, there may be kludges and work arounds with 3rd party apps - but one of the reasons I use Android is the native integration with all of the Google products I use.


      So, I think you can see where this is going.  SPM is linked to my old account, which is worthless to me, and it wants to make me repurchase it to use with my new account.  I'd just like a way to void the old license and license it under my new account without having to re-purchase something I've already paid for.  It is one thing to pay for a $1 app again, but they charge enough for SPM that I expect a little more service with it.  I don't care if it is a transfer, a credit, whatever.


      In the past I held a few SPM licenses for PalmOS.  (The irony is I use to work for Sling as a Beta Program Manager and primarily ran the SPM betas...)