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    Motorola XOOM


      General consensus is that the Sling Mobil on the Motorola Xoom is terrible!!!


      It has very poor video quality, freezes frequently, and sometimes emits a loud SQUEAL!! when it unfreezes.


      Any one else have any experience yet?


      Works great on my Droid X


      This app need to be completely re-written for the android 3.0 tablets



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          I have a Xoom (connecting to a Slingbox Pro) and haven't had any issues with freezes and/or squealing; I'm only connecting on WiFi though.  So far the experience is similar to what I'm used to on my EVO.  So far, so good!

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            It has been working wonders for me.  Even on the 3G.  Anyone interested in seeing the Slingplayer App for Android devices on the Xoom.  Check out my youtube video below.


            I agree we should get a custom app for the Xoom to take advantage of the higher resolution but the current quality is pretty good and since it doesn't cost extra for me( I already purchased it for my phone)  i can't complain.



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              Installed the app on my Xoom and it worked fairly well for two days.  Picture quality could be better.  My concen is that this morning I tried to start the app and got as far as "logging on" for a few seconds then was returned to the Home screen on the Xoom.  Additional trys got immediate return to the Home screen.  Can the app be Un-installed and re-installed without paying again?  I am sure it can but just wanted some reasurrance before I trashed the current installation.

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                I just installed slingplayer for tablets. 


                My problem, it won't accept my login.  I can login from my Mac.


                I tried to set up the player, but then I run into a brick wall accepting the license.  There is no where to click to Accept.  I can't go forward without doing that.