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    use slingbox in Germany


      Hi all,

      I am considering getting a slinbbox and setting it up at my mother's place in Germany. Would I be able to watch German TV from my mac in the US? Not sure, whether or not a cable box is absolutely neccessary for the slingbox, since we dont have those in Germany. We connest via Satelite and just plug in a TV cable from a jack in the wall directly into the TV.

      Also, would my mom still be able to watch TV, no matter what I am streaming on my computer?

      I would appreciate any feedback!


      Thank you!


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          Hi jmnyc!


          In order to watch the German TV while being in United States, you will need to purchase and install a Slingbox on Germany. If you purchased a Slingbox PRO-HD, you will have the option to connect it using a coaxial cable, therefor no audio/video devices are needed. This way you will also not interfere the programming at the Slingbox location.


          Feel free to access the following links for additional information:


          Installing and Setting up your Slingbox


          Best regards.

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              Hello.  I bought a Slingbox M1 in Germany and directly connected to a Tv while German Tv already seems to have a cable box function installed, but I have a problem setting up my account with the location.  Germany does not come up in the set up location.  How can I proceed from here?