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    New Slingbox Solo - 2 Red lights -




      Bought a Slingbox Solo from Best Buy in UK.  I have spent hours on this, it's driving me mad!!  I believe I have installed everything correctly, and I have 2 red lights on the front of the Slingbox.


      I was advised in Best Buy to purchase 2 Highspeed Homeplugs to create a network through my electrics.  This I have done successfully.


      When I try and watch, I get these messages:


      - Congratulations, we've detected your Slingbox.

      - Initializing Sling accounts.

      - Then says, 'Need to update your Slingbox software click next to continue'

      - Then the dial goes up to 50%, stops, and I get a message saying 'Slingbox has been disconnected due to poor Internet connection.  Try connecting again'.

      - I have tried 'connecting again' over 20 times.


      I have installed and uninstalled Firefox.  I have ticked the 'open in 32 bit rate' box in applications.


      Any advice would be gratefully received.