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    2.1 Update Question

    Resist Newbie

      The info for this update states the app now supports component video out for the iPhone 4.  I thought it already supported it before?

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          I have just downloaded 2.01 for the iphone and it works with wifi but states there is no internet connection with 3g

          Reloaded old software from iplayer on computer and all works again

          I have the latest software firmware on my sling box


          Is thjere a problem with the latest software for the iphone????


          tony wright uk

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            I own a pico projector (Cinemin Swivel).  I can now project my iphone4 sling audio/video out through the projector using the existing cables.  I know that was not available before, at least not video.  As for component video, I was not aware of any way to send it out through the phone?  USB cables? 

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              Resist Newbie

              Maybe I was mistaken then, but I do remember being able to do video out via composite cables with my iPhone 4.  So I guess being able to now use component cables makes video out even better.