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    Plugin does not install into Firefox 4 (beta) correctly

    Morac Newbie

      Because of the change to the way Firefox 4 installs add-on, the SlingPlayer plugin won't install correctly in Firefox 4.  Firefox 4 defaults to leaving add-ons compressed as the original .xpi file.  This doesn't work if the add-on contains binary components such as the .dll files in the WebSlingPlayer add-on.  For add-ons with binary components the "unpack" flag needs to be set to "true" otherwise the add-on won't work.


      See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/install_manifests#unpack


      If the add-on unpacks, it works fine in Firefox 4.   I've tested it in Firefox 4.0b11 and it works great, if it's unpacked.


      For users to get the WebSlingPlayer plugin to work in Firefox 4 you have currently two choices:

      1. Run Firefox 3.6.13 and install the plugin there.  Since Firefox 3.6.13 automatically unpacks the add-on it will work if you then run Firefox 4.

      2. Download and modify the plugin to add the unpack flag.  Because the plugin is signed though, you'll need to remove the signing files or Firefox won't install it.


      To make things easier, I'm simply uploading my own modified version of the (latest) plugin.  The only modifications are the one added line in the install.rdf file and the removal of the MANIFEST folder to allow it to install.



      Sling developers. please update your install.rdf file because Firefox 4 is do out very soon (within a month or two) and unless you update the install.rdf file, people running Firefox 4 won't be able to install your plugin without reverting back to Firefox 3.6.13.

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          Morac Newbie

          With the release of Firefox 4.0b12 and the imminant release of Firefox 4, I'll mention again that the add-on will work, if it is unpacked.  Unfortunately without the flag set, the add-on won't be unpacked by default.


          Just adding another work around for those that don't want to mess with running Firefox 3.6 or installing my fixed add-on:


          1. Install the plugin as normal.

          2. Restart Firefox.  At this point it will ask you to install the plugin again.

          3. Use the "Help -> Troubleshooting" menu item to open the Troubleshooting Information page.

          4. Click the "Open Container Folder" button next to "Profile directory"

          5. Quit Firefox.  Make sure it is not running.

          6. In the O.S. window that opened in step #4 go into the "Extensions" folder.

          7. Create a folder named "{9EB34849-81D3-4841-939D-666D522B889A}" in the "extensions" folder.

          8. Using a program capable of extracting zip files, open "{9EB34849-81D3-4841-939D-666D522B889A}.xpi" and extract its contents into the newly created "{9EB34849-81D3-4841-939D-666D522B889A}" folder.

          9. Delete the "{9EB34849-81D3-4841-939D-666D522B889A}.xpi" file.

          10. Run Firefox and enjoy watching using the Web Slingplayer.