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    Slingbox PRO - Error "not designed for use in USA" purchased from Slingbox Directly


      My slingbox PRO stopped working after the last update.


      I have been able to do a reset and re configured using the setup program.


      But now I get the error message Not designed for use in the USA"


      I purchaed this slingbox PRO from slingbox.com directly in 2007.  IT has worked nicely for a long time.


      Now it will give audio and video, but no REmote control data in the setup for anythnig but "other" in the DVR setups like for TIVO...


      No REMOTES.


      Anyone else get this error:  Not designed for use in the USA.


      I purchaed the box directly from slingbox all totally in the USA.


      It's like a bad UPDATE was sent to it that must have been intended for slingboxes outside of the USA.


      And now I can't get it to update with the USA with REMOTE CONTROL setups anymore.


      Does anyone know if slingmedia will fix these units messed up by the faulty UPDATE process?